Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Flight Simulators Are So Realistic!

The new flight simulators in the market today have evolved from basic, into multi-feature packages that raise the flying experience into higher levels.

The new flight simulators are so advanced in features that the users go through a lifelike flying encounter that is so real in every detail.

Let me just enumerate some of these advanced features:

  • Accurate and realistic worldwide terrains and planetary alignments and movements. If you fly over Paris, you'll see the realistic Paris landscape below.
  • Real time flying. The actual time and weather in the place you're flying over will also be the time and weather you will experience. Daytime or evening as the case may be.
  • Support for thousands of airports worldwide, even carrier landings and takeoffs.
  • Extensive collection of aircraft from the earliest to the most modern.
  • Sky sharing which affords online flying formation and communication among fliers. 
  • Options to change/add controls and equipment to the flight system to enhance further the realistic experience.

Amazing, isn't it?

The multi-features of the new flight simulators will make you experience real life flying all over the globe in the very comfort of your home.

So, what are you guys waiting for? Get your New Flight Simulators NOW!

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